Volunteer FAQ's

How do i become a lyric volunteer?

All LYRIC volunteers must be LYRIC trained, and either a licenced attorney or a law student.  Please fill out our Volunteer Information Sheet, and indicate that you have not been LYRIC trained.  Your email address will be added to our interested volunteer list and you will be the first to be notified when we schedule a LYRIC volunteer training CLE. 

If you are interested in volunteering in other ways, such as with our annual fundraising event or with legal research and data entry, please email Hannah, hannah@lyricolorado.org.

I've attended LYRIC's Volunteer training CLE, now i want to get started teaching LYRIC presentations.

Now that you have been LYRIC trained, please fill out our Volunteer Information Sheet, and you will start receiving emails outlining volunteer opportunities.  After observing three presentations, you will be about to begin teaching on your own!  If there is a presentation that you are available to teach, respond to the email as soon as possible.  You will receive confirmation that you have been assigned to teach, and the presentation, teacher information, and assigned volunteer information will be added to the calendar.

I volunteered to teach a presentation but i haven't received confirmation.


I volunteered to teach a presentation but i don't remember where or when.

If you volunteer to teach a LYRIC presentation, you will receive a confirmation email about a week after volunteering IF you were scheduled.  In order to allow busy volunteers time to respond to volunteer requests and because each presentation requires two volunteers, it can take about a week to confirm who is teaching when and where.

If you volunteer to teach a LYRIC presentation, you will receive an email providing you with the essential details. If you forgot the date, time, location, or address, you can find all of the information on the calendar.

I don't have the LYRIC powerpoint.

For each LYRIC presentation, you will find everything you in the volunteer packet, including a flash drive with the LYRIC's PowerPoint already saved to it.

A teacher had some follow up comments and questions.

LYRIC values feedback.  After a LYRIC presentation, teachers will be emailed an evaluation form so that each teacher has the opportunity to evaluate the LYRIC presentation, provide feedback, and ask any follow-up questions the students may have had. 

Where do i go to pick up or drop off volunteer packets?



1150 Bannock St.

Denver, CO 80204


You will be provided a LYRIC volunteer packet, with everything that you will need for the presentation.

  • a flash drive with LYRIC's PowerPoint presentation
  • pre- and post- evaluations
  • Give 'em Five! cards