Get involved!


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LYRIC couldn't succeed without volunteers!  We are in classrooms nearly every week during the school year.  LYRIC volunteers must understand how to teach principles of the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments, and also be able to facilitate discussion and questions from students.  It is very rewarding to share such critical knowledge with those who can benefit most from learning their rights at a young age.  If you are interested in volunteering, LYRIC's next training, contact us and we will notify you when we offer our annual CLE.


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Kids love LYRIC, and so do teachers!  LYRIC is able to adapt is curriculum to either a 55-minute class period or a longer more discussion-based presentation.  LYRIC's curriculum easily ties in with civics and government classes, as well as Spanish, history, and any course that teaches critical thinking skills.  At the end of each presentation, students are given a wallet sized card outlining LYRIC's key principles.  If you are interested in scheduling a presentation or a law day, please fill out our form by clicking the button below.



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As police encounters have been more widely reported, communities have expressed more desire to learn about how their youth can safely exercise their Constitutional rights.  LYRIC is committed to teaching youth their rights to empower them to safely use their rights.  We partner with various organizations to ensure that LYRIC's important curriculum reaches as many as possible.  If you are interested in scheduling a presentation, click the button below.